Cairo Amman Bank encourages girls to build life skills

Tue, 2017-08-01


Cairo Amman Bank contributed to enabling 60 female students in the eighth grade to build life skills by supporting two Interactive Geometric Workshops within a project under the title of "Go Girls" which were held at Umm Al Qura Basic School in Wadi Al Seer Area.

Cairo Amman Bank gives priority in its strategy to support the society so as to have the skills of students, youth of both genders developed.

Having life skills built is a policy insured by Cairo Amman Bank to be the basis of growth, development and push the society towards progress and prosperity.                                                                  

The project aims to enable girls having life skills built which allow them to discover their world with confidence and determination.

The project is basically designed to challenge the process of thinking on the grounds of scientific and methodology through scientific and geometric activities that focus on increasing self-esteem and level of thinking to face life problems and have them solved.

And to ensure that the project management continues its program, teachers are being trained how to adopt methodology and techniques at their schools, in addition to using materials of those found in the local societies for all workshops.


Cairo Amman Bank was the pioneer in supporting youth and taking care of their creativity and talents. And the Bank paid special attention to youth leading ideas of young people and provide them with financial and moral support.


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