Cairo Amman Bank launches “Loyalty Program” to its customers

Sun, 2017-04-09


Cairo Amman Bank launched the “Loyalty Program” to its customers of card holders, thereby maximizing the services it provides to its customers.

The program which the Bank implements through Master Cards, gives customers the opportunity to collect points at each purchase on local and international Points of Sale and online and having them exchanged through an electronic platform belonging to Cairo Amman Bank, where wide options of privileges are available and were designed according to customers’ needs and desires, and include multi-products and services such as hotel and flights bookings, car rental, clothing, perfumes, electrical and electronic appliances and furniture. They also include mobiles, food and beverage services, books, accessories and other goods needed by customers.

The Bank and through the “Loyalty Program” enabled customers to benefit from multi-options of having the value of purchases paid from the electronic platform, either to have the amount paid in full through the collected points or through one of the customer’s different cards or the combination of various means of payment.

Holders of all kinds of Master Cards issued by Cairo Amman Bank can benefit from this program, and the Bank’s customers of holders of these cards can have access to the platform on the electronic link “” and follow the required steps which appear on the screen to have subscription to this program.

This program is added to “Immediate Discounts Program” to holders of all Master Cards which the Bank has recently launched so as to enable its customers benefit from various discounts privilege at many of the shops, restaurants and big companies in Jordan.

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