Cairo Amman Bank obtains Two Prizes from Emerging Markets Payments (EMP) during the Fourth Electronic Payment Conference

Sun, 2016-11-27

Cairo Amman Bank obtained Two Prizes during the Fourth Electronic Payment Conference which was recently organized by Emerging Markets Payment (EMP)-Jordan in the capital Amman under the title “Moving towards a cashless Jordan”.

Where the bank obtained the First Prize and it was for the Best Prepaid Card Program for the University Cards Project, through which cards of students, employees and faculty members of a number of the universities of Jordan were changed to smart payment cards of multi purposes, which were issued in cooperation with MasterCard International Company and in partnership with Orange-Jordan to have quality services added to its holder, including electronic payment technology and secured financial transactions through Points of Sale and the internet, in addition to many features, of which having access to all facilities inside the campus, payment of university tuition fees, disbursement of scholarships, daily entitlements and salaries.

In regard to the Second Prize, it was for the Best Contactless Payment Product.

The conference which witnessed the participation of Post economic, international, regional, and local figures, banks and banking institutions highlighted the advancement in the field of electronic trade and electronic payment services in addition to

sharing practices, expertise and stories of success in the international market in this field.

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