Cairo Amman Bank signs an agreement to have the identity cards of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University changed to smart cards

Sun, 2016-12-18


The University signed a cooperation agreement with Cairo Amman Bank to change the university identity card to a smart one of multi purposes to facilitate dealings by its students and employees.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the university by its President Dr. Ali Al-Qaisi and on behalf of Cairo Amman Bank by its General Manager Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri. The agreement signing ceremony was attended by a number of Vice-President of the University, and on behalf of Cairo Amman Bank by the two Deputies of the bank’s General Manager and a number of senior staff of both parties.

Dr. Al-Qaisi stated that this agreement comes as part of the university’s plans to keep pace with the latest developments and technological developments that would provide quality services that save time and effort as to the users of this card. He pointed out that this step is part of the university’s strategy towards excellence and to provide the best of services to students and employees. He stated that this partnership with Cairo Amman Bank is an introduction of a real successful partnership between the Economic and Higher Education Sectors in the interest of the home country, supports the overall development process and serves its citizens and institutions. Al-Qaisi praised the outstanding level of Cairo Amman Bank’s services which is one of the fundamental pillars of the National Economy.

He also stressed that the cooperation between the two parties will contribute to support the university’s future plans and aims as well as the National Economy programs.

On his part, Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri praised the university’s cooperation with the bank in the provision of financial and banking services and stressed on the bank continues developing its dealings with the University for the benefit of its students and employees.

Al-Bakri clarified that the bank’s vision is centered in the framework of the application of the visions of the Central Bank as to the importance of the Financial Inclusion which reflects its benefits on the Jordanian economy, improving growth ratios and reducing the levels of unemployment through the introduction of a wide spectrum to the banking payment sector and thus, the provision of information that are sufficient to create and innovate banking products according to the needs of this spectrum.

He stated: “We at Cairo Amman Bank assume national responsibility as being National Economic Institutions to provide support for the universities and to enable them to continue their scientific and academic mission based on professionalism and distinction to serve the National Economy”.

Al-Bakri stressed that the bank’s management is keen to communicate with the Jordanian official universities and build participatory relationships that reflect positively on the National Economic growth in Jordan.

The agreement of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is the sixth which Cairo Amman Bank signs following the ones signed with the University of Jordan, Yarmouk, Science and Technology, Princess Sumaya for Technology and Al-Albeit Universities.

The university smart card of multi purposes can benefit its holder as an identity card that enables him/her to have access to the university different facilities, in addition to having it as prepaid card that enables its holder to pay using it at all points of sale inside and outside Jordan, online shopping and cash withdrawal. Holders of the university smart cards can also recharge these cards through Cairo Amman Bank branches which are wide spread all over the Kingdom and through Electronic Payment KIOSKS which will be made available inside universities in the near future.

This card is also remarkable for being a card that enables its holder to get discounts when used within a wide chain of commercial shops having contractual relationship with the bank all over the Kingdom.

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