Cairo Amman Bank supports and participates in The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum

Sun, 2017-08-20


Cairo Amman Bank participated in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum which was sponsored by the Minister of Industry and Trade And Supply.

Cairo Amman Bank offered its support as well for the success of this Forum which was held under the title "Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are the Path to Economic Development and Social Justice, for its belief that the Small and medium-sized enterprises are a key driver of the National economy and a pillar in reducing the unemployment rate, for their ability to create jobs and promote economic and social development.

Cairo Amman Bank is one of the Leading Jordanian Banks that have directed their interest to this type of enterprises and facilitate the financing of the leading ones in particular.

Cairo Amman Bank believes in the large capacity of these enterprises for man power.

The Bank's vision in this regard starts from the experience which confirmed that development of the small and medium-sized enterprises and encouragement of having them established is one of the most important tributaries of the economic and social development in all countries in general and developing countries in particular.

Cairo Amman Bank's adoption of this trend came after the small and medium-sized enterprises have proved their ability to adapt to the developments and changes resulting from the political, social and economic challenges that are taking place in the region.

In the Bank's point of view, the small and medium-sized enterprises are a strategic field for developing the administrative, technical, productive and marketing skills and open up a wide range for individual initiatives and self-employment.

The Forum which lasted for two days, discussed strategies and mechanisms for supporting and financing the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and  Financial Inclusion policies as a starting point for their support.

It focused on the mechanism for having banks adopting creativity and innovation, supporting the efforts of entrepreneurship and paving the way for them for a bright future. 

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