Cairo Amman Bank supports orphans housed by Jordan Al-Khair Foundation for Development

Sun, 2017-08-13


Cairo Amman Bank sponsored Charity Iftar which was recently organized by Jordan Al-Khair Foundation for Orphans in the Capital Amman and was attended by Cairo Amman Bank's Representative.

The Bank also provided its support to the Foundation to enable it to take care of orphans who join under its umbrella and providing a decent life for them.

The Board Chairman of Jordan Al-Khair Foundation for Development expressed his pleasure of being supported by Cairo Amman Bank for the success of this charity gathering, which is being organized by the Foundation for orphan's care annually. While the Director General of the Foundation confirmed the well-established partnership between the Foundation and Local Community Institutions and thanked Cairo Amman Bank for offering support to this charity activity, in addition to Companies and Individuals from the Jordanian Community.

The Ceremony consisted of games and entertaining performance for children orphans targeted in this charitable work. And as part of its policy to support the local community, Cairo Amman Bank has moved towards supporting orphans and contributes to their development as individuals of benefit to the community in the overall development process which is being sponsored by his Majesty King Abdullah II for a better Jordan.

Cairo Amman Bank is one of the Leading Banking Institutions in having individuals skills developed and enable them to live better, poor and orphans in particular, through supporting events and programs which lead to the achievement of this goal.

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