The University of Jordan distributes the new smart cards to its students

Sun, 2016-11-06

The University of Jordan has launched a campaign for the distribution of the university smart cards in the presence of each of the President of The University of Jordan Professor Dr. Azmi Mahafza, the General Manager of Cairo Amman Bank Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Orange Mr. Patrice Loze the official sponsor of smart cards project and MasterCard’s Regional Vice-President for Levant region Mr. Basel Eltell and both are strategic partners of smart cards project and had an important and key role in the success of the project and its existence.

The event was attended by a number of Vice President of the University, managers and relevant officials from all parties.

During the visit, the President of the university and the attendances have supervised the distribution process to make sure that procedures were carried out smoothly.

Distribution of the university smart cards is done in a spacious hall which was allocated inside the building of acceptance and registration department, where all services and systems have been provided to serve students in every aspect. The hall included reception desk, signboards for students and queuing System to facilitate the distribution of cards according to the regulatory measures that have been taken in this regard.

Pepsi Company was also present as supporter of the cards’ distribution process to provide beverages to students while waiting their turn.

The University of Jordan has signed cooperation agreement with Cairo Amman Bank, under which the bank handles the issuance and activation of smart identity cards of multi purposes to the university students and members of the faculty and administrative bodies.

This identity card which is being issued by Cairo Amman Bank in partnership with Orange Jordan and MasterCard Company adds the quality of services to its holder including electronic payment technology, safe financial transactions through the internet, as well as many features of which such as having access to all facilities inside the campus, paying university fees, disbursement of university scholarships, daily entitlements and salaries through charging cards.

In regard to benefits outside the campus, card holder can use it for purchase and cash withdrawal at points of sale and ATMs as an electronic payment card known as “Prepaid”.

Identity card can be also used to purchase through the internet, to have it used locally and internationally and have it charged with money through Cairo Amman Bank’s branches and enabling card holders to benefit from discounts and offers when used within a wide chain of commercial shops having contractual relationship with the bank all over the Kingdom.

Cairo Amman Bank signed similar agreements with Universities of Jordan such as Yarmouk University, Prince Sumaya University and University of Science and Technology, and arrangements are under way to have it signed with other universities and accordingly, there will be distribution of smart cards there in accordance with the agreed program in these agreements.

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