Online Banking


  1. CAB will not request any information on your account through the e-mail or SMS. If this does happen, please do not respond to such messages, and notify the bank immediately about such messages.
  2. Your secret numbers are personal property of yours, and are known only by you; Under no circumstances will a CAB’s employee ask you for them.
  3. When entering the website of Cairo Amman Bank for banking services, make sure to type the full link, as so: ( Do not try to enter through other electronic sites which transfer you to CAB’s electronic site.
  4. When you want to exit from the system before closing the page, make sure to sue the “exit from the system” button in the main menu.
  5. If you suspect that your security statements are endangered, please contact us immediately on 5006010 so that the necessary action may be taken.
  6. CAB is not responsible for any losses caused by your divulgence of any secret information, such as, user’s identity, pass word, or card number; nor is the bank responsible for any consequences that may transpire thereafter.
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