Online Banking

Announcement to Subscribers to Online Banking Service

We are pleased to inform you that Cairo Amman Bank has applied Dual Protection System to use Online Banking Service which requires insertion of password and online banking pin.

We kindly ask the customers/individuals who have online banking service so that they can access to the system to follow the steps below:

  1. To login to the electronic account page.
  2. To click “first time login with us? Click here” as shown in figure (1).

    figure (1)

    Insert customer number in user id space and the pin code of your Visa Electron Card in online banking pin box as shown in figure (2).

    figure (2)

  3. Back to Home Page of your electronic account and insertion of online banking pin, user id, password as shown in figure (1).
    • The customer can have his pin code changed later through ATM Machines belonging to the bank through more services screen as shown in figure (3).

      figure (3)

As for companies, they will be provided with online banking pin through their branches.
For more information, please contact this number: 065007700