Card Accounts

University Smart Card

Cairo Amman Bank provides the students and staff of universities with a smart card that can be used as a University ID, and can be also be used inside and outside campus for paying at points of sale, with many benefits such as discounts and reward points.

Card Definition:

  • Can be used by students and staff of universities.
  • Can be used as a University ID.
  • Can be used inside and outside campus for paying at points of sale.

Features of the Card:

Smart Card Benefits Inside Campus:

  • Campus Access.
  • University tuition payment.
  • Receive your scholarship funds, per diems or salary.
  • Receive your Royal Aid Fund.
  • Access to university library and book borrowing.
  • Parking payment.
  • Cafeteria and university facilities POS payment.

Smart Card Benefits outside Campus:

  • Pay at local and international points of sale (POS).
  • E-commerce and online payments.
  • Obtain discounts from a wide variety of merchants, restaurants and retail stores.
  • Join Cairo Amman Bank rewards program and redemption program.
  • Recharge your Orange line through CAB’s ATM network for prizes and special deals.

Discount Program:

Discounts and Benefits with your University Smart Card

Use your University Smart Card at points of sale (POS) and enjoy a number of discounts and savings. Collect reward points with every purchase to redeem for other purchases.

Loyalty Program:

Use you University Smart Card and collect points that you can redeem for online purchases. Redeem your points at


Recharge your University Card at any of Cairo Amman Bank branches inside campus or at the electronic charging kiosks.