Certificates of Deposit

Growing your money with the Certificates of Deposit in USD at competitive interest rates depending on the term length explained below:

  • 6 Months Interest Rate 1.50%
  • 12 Months Interest Rate 1.75%
  • 18 Months Interest Rate 2.00%
  • 24 Months Interest Rate 2.25%

Deposit Terms and Conditions:

  • The minimum deposit amount is 5,000 USD.
  • Deposits above minimum amount are accepted in multiples of 1,000 USD upon issuing certificate.
  • Underwriting series number 1/2017 starts on 29/1/2017 through 28/2/2017.
  • The interest amount is paid at its due date by the end of the term length.
  • The underwriting process can be done in any of the bank’s branches across the Kingdom.