ATM's in Jordan

Cairo Amman Bank currently has 88 branches and offices in addition to one consultancy offices in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and holds a wide network of over 175 ATMs situated strategically across the Kingdom.

ATM Place Governorate Irisguard
Mafraq Branch (2) Mafraq Available
Mafraq Branch - Prince Hassan Bin Talal Street - (Provides cash withdrawal service for the visually impaired) Mafraq Available
Mahatta branch (1) Amman Available
Mahatta branch (2) Amman Available
Marj Elhammam Branch Amman Available
Marka Branch Amman Available
Ma’an Hospital ATM (outside) Ma'an
Mecca Mall ATM Amman
Mecca Street Branch Amman Available
Ministry Of Public Works Amman Available
Movenpick Aqaba - Tala Bay Aqaba Available
Movenpick Dead Sea Balqa Available
Movenpick petra Ma'an Available
Movinpick Aqaba Aqaba Available
Mutah University ATM Karak Not Available