Branches and ATM's

Cairo Amman Bank currently has 87 branches and offices in addition to two consultancy offices in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and holds a wide network of over 171 ATMs situated strategically across the Kingdom.

Branch Name Governorate Tel Fax Address
Al Hussein Bin Talal University Branch Ma'an 03/2135071 03/2134985 Inside the University Campus
Ma’an Branch Ma'an 03/2136590 03/2136594 Ma’an – Downtown – Near the Water Authority
Shoubak Office Ma'an 03/2165476 03/2165477 Shoubak – Main Street – Government Departments Complex
Wadi Mousa Office Ma'an 03/2154975 03/2154974 Wadi Mousa City Entrance – Main Street - Near the LG Hotel