Branches and ATM's

Cairo Amman Bank currently has 89 branches and offices in addition to two consultancy offices in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and holds a wide network of over 175 ATMs situated strategically across the Kingdom.

Branch Name Governorate Tel Fax Address
Aqaba – Al Hammamat Al Tuniseyah Branch Aqaba 03/2018451 03/2018456 Hamamat Al Tunisiyah Street – Hilton Hotel – North Madinah Commercial Neighborhood 21
Aqaba – Passenger Terminal Office Aqaba 03/2019117 03/2015550 Aqaba – Arab Bridge Maritime
Aqaba – Yarmouk Street Branch Aqaba 03/2013355 03/2015550 Aqaba – Beginning of Yarmouk Street
Jordan University Aqaba - Students office Aqaba 03/2058027 03/2058029 Inside the Jordan University Campus – Aqaba