Cairo Amman Bank’s Human Resources Division derives its objectives from the Bank's vision of becoming the employer of choice with the most qualified employees. Employees are selected for employment professionally and through an extensive evaluation process which guarantees appointing “the right person in the right position”.

The success of Cairo Amman Bank is a result of the high level of professionalism and proficiency of its staff. To maintain such a level of proficiency and performance, and to ensure a high quality of banking services and customer satisfaction; CAB has developed and implements many competitive programs to compensate, motivate and retain its human resources, from when they first start their banking career with Cairo Amman Bank, through a comprehensive orientation program, training and development programs, competitive rewards plan, career development plans.

In addition, in 2006 CAB established its "Future Bankers" program, which is a specialized training program for employees who have the potential to hold key positions in the bank. The Future Bankers program consists of a total of 5 months of intensive training in banking services that aims at developing the participants’ skills and knowledge.

The program includes both lectures and on-the-job training covering all CAB banking activities, products/services, policies and procedures, as well as behavioral/soft skills. This will prepare them to become efficient and productive employees and ensure a progressive career in banking. Outstanding Future Bankers program graduates have been successful in their careers and a number of them have been promoted to supervisory and managerial positions within CAB.

Cairo Amman Bank believes that investing in human resources is of the utmost importance. To support this, the Bank has established a state-of-the-art, fully equipped training center where many in-house training courses are offered to develop various banking knowledge and skills as needed by CAB employees. The Bank’s management’s aim in taking this step is to provide a large variety of training programs for its staff to give them the tools and the opportunity to develop their banking and professional careers. As a large number of these courses are conducted by members of CAB management, this training has created an environment of interactive communication between staff and management where there is an exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The center is equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies, as an integral part of successful training sessions. Courses in the training center are delivered by staff from Cairo Amman Bank with solid experience and excellent skills and knowledge, as well as other specialists from the HR and banking community who are highly qualified in their fields as well as having a proven record in effective training.

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