Al Hussein Technical University joins the group of Cairo Amman Bank Smart Multi purposes Cards

Sat, 2018-12-22

Cairo Amman Bank smart multi purposes card attracted Al Hussein Technical University to join the series of Jordanian universities that accepted this type of cards for its students and faculty members.

Al Hussein Technical University which was established by the Crown Prince Foundation, offers diploma and bachelor degree in Engineering and Computer Science, and it is the eighth of the universities that accepted the smart card issued by Cairo Amman Bank following its counterparts of the Jordanian Universities including Jordan University, Yarmouk, Princess Sumaya, Science and Technology, Al Al-Bayt, The Hashemite and Al-Hussein Bin Talal.

King Hussein Business Park in Amman and at Al Hussein Technical University Campus, witnessed the signing ceremony of the agreement with Cairo Amman Bank to have the students and faculty members IDs changed to a smart card of multi purposes.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Cairo Amman Bank by the General Manager Mr. Kamal Al Bakri and by ProfessorLabibKhadra on behalf of Al Hussein Technical University.

Signing of the agreement was attended by faculty members of the university and a group of senior employees from Cairo Amman Bank.

Card holder benefits from it as a defined identity which enables him/her to have access to the various university facilities in addition to being a payment card which enables its holder to make payments at all points of sale in Jordan and abroad, online shopping and cash withdrawal.

Holders of university smart cards can charge these cards through Cairo Amman Bank Branches spread throughout the Kingdom and through E-Payment KIOKS which will be provided within universities in the near future.

This card is characterized by enabling its holder to get discounts when having it used within a wide network of shops throughout the Kingdom having a contractual agreement with the Bank.

Cairo Amman Bank has a vision centered on implementing the visions of the Central Bank of Jordan to the importance of the Financial Inclusion which reflects its benefits to the Jordanian economy, improving growth rates and reducing unemployment levels by introducing a wide segment to the banking payment sector and thereby providing information that can create and develop the banking products according to the needs of this segment.

Cairo Amman Bank by having a leading role in smart cards domain, it won the Best Credit Card Award"Cash Back" from Network International Company.

Network International is the largest payment card issuer in the United Arab Emirates and the leading provider of payment solutions in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Cairo Amman Bank services are characterized by a variety of credit cards that customers enjoy a set of exclusive features and facilities which are specially designed to fit their lifestyle.

This is Cairo Amman Bank success to be the first and the leader at the Jordanian Banking Sector to harness a special technology to serve its customers through E-payment Cards.

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