Announcement of Distributing Cairo Amman Bank's Cash Dividends For The Year 2021

Tue, 2022-02-15

Cairo Amman Bank announces that its Board of Directors approved on 14-02-2022 the recommendation to the company's general assembly to:

1- Distributing cash dividends equal to 9% of the company's paid in capital 190,000,000 to shareholders.

2- Distribute to its shareholders 16,078,984 shares of Safa Bank / Palestine shares that are owned by Cairo Amman Bank based on the shareholder's ownership percentage of Cairo Amman Bank. The decisions will depend on the approval of the Bank's General Assembly, the Central Bank of Jordan, the Palestine Monetary Authority, and any other related authority.

3- Safa Bank shares will be listed on the Palestine Stock Exchange once the share dividends are distributed to all holders.

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