Cairo Amman Bank on “facebook and twitter”

Sun, 2014-03-02

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank has recently launched its two own accounts on the two social networking sites (facebook, twitter) so that its products, services and consultations be in the hands of everyone.

And this step contributes to shorten the customers’ time and effort by enabling them to access to the information using the most direct route. And the bank’s customers and visitors can communicate with the bank on the page of twitter: and on facebook: in addition to all means of communication provided by the bank to communicate with its public.

And the communicator with these two accounts finds that the bank made a picture of what is being provided of services, applications, consultations and products. And the bank’s friends or followers on facebook and twitter can follow up press and cultural news, the latest of marketing campaigns, and the grand prizes which are being provided by Cairo Amman Bank to its customers.

And because the social networking sites imposed itself as means of modern communication between people, Cairo Amman Bank that accomplished several achievements during the year 2013 started to be unique of the banking products and services and has become of the major national banks as a result of what it provided to the homeland and citizen in its course of work which started in the year 1960.

And Cairo Amman Bank is considered of the Arab and Jordanian pioneer institutions in harnessing technology to serve its customers.

And this pioneering contributed to strengthening the bank’s communication with the individuals and groups which led to widening the circle of confidence in Cairo Amman Bank, its values, principles and mission by the companies, institutions and citizens of various social and employment categories

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