Cairo Amman Bank 5th Children’s Paintings Competition In cooperation with Fabriano-the last date to receive registration ( April 15th 2014 )

Wed, 2014-03-19

Cairo Amman Bank announced that April 5th 2014 will be the last date to receive registration for the CAB’s 5th annual Children’s Paintings Competition (CPC):

A considerable achievement by Cairo Amman Bank for the continuous support for local talents and enriching Jordan’s children with unique artistic talents that will shape the creativity scene and spark future artists to emerge from within our local communities and provinces. The four previous CPC campaigns have witnessed an increasing attendance from children in various schools and districts.

Mr. Mohammad Jaloos from Cairo Amman Bank “We are proud to take part in shaping the future of our beloved Jordan and our local talents, that is why we are excited to launch CAB’s 5th Children Painting Competition”, he also continued “Cairo Amman Bank is keen to deliver various elements of engagement with Jordan’s youth and local talents giving them the opportunity for self expression towards their community and culture in their pieces of art.

While Cairo Amman Bank leads the initiative for Children Painting Competition, it is paramount to mention a commendable partnership with Fabriano that has secured the success of CPC; Fabriano a leading company in the field of fine arts paper.  The partnership has so far delivered four successful events and has been rewarded and appreciated for its support and direction by Cairo Amman Bank executive management and the artists of the contemporary society.

As long as art remains part of history from the time of early humans becoming capable to express their fear, love and all that is hidden in their soul on the walls of caves to nations and the spirit of their artists showing progress and civilization, and now after the transformation of art to form the mean for understanding heritage and culture through pure aesthetic value, it has become common interest and dominates the minds and hearts of successive generations.

Since the establishment of art as a prominent factor for civilization, scholars and academics have introduced it as a major field of study special academies and colleges were established in the world to have it taught, so that it is now a multi-trends specialization and did not stop at the borders of visual arts, led by art, but exceeded to decor, fashion design, designing and performing arts of dance, theatre and techniques associated with these specializations and attention had to be focused on the school curriculums, and preparing the new generations since the kindergarten and primary stages and implantation of concept of beauty and its enjoyment. So art purifies the soul and brings it up and contributes in addition to other sciences to building new human whom we aspire to be. Our Arab Nation with its current circumstances is in dire need of pushing the youths’ potentials and building a childhood away from the negative influences which our Arab human had suffered as a result of scourges, wars and setbacks.   

Cairo Amman Bank is pleased to present and in cooperation with Fabriano the competition for children’s paintings – Fifth session and to all students in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in accordance with the following terms and clauses:

First: Subjects of the competition:

1.The environment where the student lives.

 2.Homeland and identity pride.

 3.Daily lifestyle.

 4.Jerusalem in the eyes of our children.

Second: Materials and raw materials:

       1.Water, pencil and oil colors.

       2.Graphic and poster art.

       3.Various art raw materials.

General Terms:

       1.Students of age 5-16 are allowed to participate.

       2.50x70 cm is the maximum size of the participating art works. Works of carving and sculptures shall not be accepted.

       3.Name, age, school and contact no. shall be clearly written on the back side of the work, and any of this information may not be written on the surface of the painting.

       4.Rolled on works shall not be accepted.

       5.Paintings shall be painted on Fabriano paper.

       6.Works participating in the competition will not be recovered.


       7.Last date for receiving art works is 15/4/2014 at General Management Building - Cairo Amman Bank – Cairo Amman Bank Gallery – Wadi Sakra – Zara Building.

Participations in the competition may be handed over to any of Cairo Amman Bank branches widely spread in the Kingdom’s provinces.

Fourth: Participating Age Groups:

First Group:        from 5 – 7 years

Second Group: from 8 – 10 years

Third Group:      from 11 – 13 years


Fourth Group:  from 14 – 16

Fifth: Prizes

For each age group there are five prizes so the number of the Cash Prizes for all groups becomes twenty prizes as follows:

1.First prize: Saving Account at a value of 500 Jordanian Dinars.

 2.Second Prize: Saving Account at a value of 400 Jordanian Dinars.

 3.Third prize: Saving Account at a value of 300 Jordanian Dinars.

 4.Fourth and Fifth prizes: Saving Account at a value of 200 Jordanian Dinars.

 5.A Special Prize offered by Fabriano and which is a scholarship at a value of One Thousand Dinars (D 1000) to the winner who will be selected by Committee of Referees of the first five winners of all age groups.

 6.A Special Prize offered by Fabriano to the distinguished teacher at a value of Three Hundred Dinars (D 300).

 7.A Certificate of Appreciation to the winners from the First – Fifth of each age group.

8.A Certificate of Appreciation to the students whose works are being displayed in the exhibition and they are eighty.

9. A Certificate of Appreciation to the twenty winning schools.

10.A Special Gift to the outstanding participation and they are 80 which is offered by Cairo Amman Bank and Fabriano. 

Cairo Amman Bank as being the organizer of the competition will print a book including the winning art works and the outstanding art participation which are eighty, regardless of winning or not in the competition.


Cairo Amman Bank and Fabriano will be holding a special celebration to distribute the prizes at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery that will display the winning art works in addition to art participation.


Committee of Referees:


 Committee of Referees is composed of five members of the specialized in child art and formative arts.

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