Cairo Amman Bank adopts workshops that leads to protecting Petra City through a leading National Program

Wed, 2014-04-09

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank has recently worked on supporting Petra National Trust as part of its philosophy related to deepening human affiliation to his heritage and environment. This support is in the context of the bank being keen on participating effectively in the development of the local community and to work on building a new generation able to shoulder its responsibility toward the protection of its heritage and in particular, toward Petra Archaeological City, as being one of UNISCO sites for  international heritage.

Cairo Amman Bank worked on participating in the finance of workshops of Petra Junior Rangers (JR) Programme, one of education and awareness programmes carried out by the association. The programme aims to build a new generation of conscious through focusing on planting the spirit of belonging and sense of pride and identity to the participants, and to hold in esteem cultural and natural heritage of Petra City and youth, and strengthening the sense of commitment they have to protect this historical and archaeological treasure through their understanding of the significance of the values associated with this site.

Petra Junior Rangers (JR) Programme is considered an incentive, interactive and awareness one for youths of age groups of 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15 years old and it is held for five consecutive days. During which participants are introduced to the cultural heritage of Petra City (People, Traditions and Practices). As well as introducing them to the history of this city and its environmental diversity, in addition to the values associated herewith. The project’s work team adopted the method to strengthening the skills of critical thinking and civic engagement through the application of the concept of learning based on verification. And this program was also designed to accomplish the following targets:

To inspire and encourage participants to explore different aspects of their heritage, understand the significance of this heritage,  how to work for protecting the heritage of Petra City, to maintain its values and to educate the participants how to behave wisely through responsible conducts based on the concept of sustainable tourism.  

Petra National Trust began to develop curriculums and activities of Petra Junior Rankers programme in the year 2010. And the association pursued the graduation of 279 participants and volunteers to date from six villages surrounding Petra archaeological sanctuary. And it is decided to expand this program through the year 2014 to include the age group of 16-18 years.

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