Cairo Amman Bank as a Golden Sponsor of Arab Money Markets Second Conference held in Amman

Tue, 2019-04-16

Amman – Jordan Securities Commission and Union of Securities Authority and under the patronage of the Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz and by Cairo Amman Bank golden sponsorship; organized the Second Annual Conference of the Arab Money Markets at Fairmont Hotel in Amman during the period 27th - 28th  of March 2019.

The Executive Chairman of Jordan Securities Commission Dr. Mohammad Saleh Hourani as being the representative of the Prime Minister to the conference made a welcoming speech during which he focused on the importance of money markets as being tributary of the economies of States.

The conference which carried the title "Promoting Transparency and Innovation in the Arab Money Markets", has discussed the latest developments in the Arab and International Money Markets, challenges faced by the Arab markets, growth and innovation opportunities therein, technical and technological developments, corporate governance, financial inclusion, the Islamic finance, mutual investment funds and the role of regulatory bodies in enhancing confidence in the investment climate.

As for participation in the conference, there was a large selection of Government Officials, Financial and Economic Policy Makers in the Arab World and Leaders of Arab, Regional and International Financial Institutions.

Financial intermediaries, experts and specialized financial analysts participated as well.

Around 300 participants followed up the conference sessions which lasted for two days and discussed how to promote the growth and development of financial markets, investors' protection, systematic risks' control, risk of default, markets fluctuations, access criteria, capital requirements, reducing risks, investors' losses and new challenges faced by securities authorities in the Arab World.

In the conference, many of the relevant subjects were raised in the development of the Arab financial markets such as balancing the requirements of control and innovation, electronic security, electronic bonding, facing up to financial crimes, promoting transparency and disclosure, investors' protection and the role of the international organizations in achieving that.

One of the issues which the conference focused on, was the pros and cons of openness to foreign investment and markets, challenges faced by the Islamic finance in Arab markets for capital, infrastructure required for assets' managers, intermediaries and investors and how to make use of new financial techniques for the development of Islamic finance tools and joint investments in the Arab markets for capital.

The conference formed a platform to demonstrate the most important Jordanian national achievements on the level of economic, financial and legislative reforms and to introduce quality investment opportunities in Jordan.

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