Cairo Amman Bank honors a Distinguished Employee at the Call Center

Wed, 2019-02-20

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank honored its employee Adeeb Al Dousoki at the Call Center for his dedication to work, application of quality standards, being committed to professionalism when applying policies and procedures and working with high professionalism during the official working hours. 

Cairo Amman Bank is set on honoring its distinguished employees at work to upgrade the efficiency of the premium services which it provides to its customers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and abroad.

To honor the employee Adeeb Al Dousoki, it was a result of the periodic monitoring through communications made by Quality Service Division / Marketing and Product Development Department for the Bank's branches and the Call Center to view the performance of employees and encourage the distinguished ones.

The employee Adeeb Al Dousoki was granted Certificate of Appreciation for his dedicated efforts to serve customers in an optimal manner within quality standards which the Banks works to consolidate to maintain its excellence and leading role in the banking services which it provides on the level of the Kingdom and abroad.

At the honor event, the Call Center Manager Mohammad Mahmoud praised the efforts of the distinguished employee as well as his colleagues of the center's staff members who considered honoring their colleague as honoring them, and he pointed with pride to their achievements. 

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