Cairo Amman Bank Inaugurates New office at Jordan University in Aqaba

Sun, 2012-01-08

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) recently inaugurated a new office at the Jordan University campus in Aqaba. The opening of the office will now make it easy for students, teaching staff, and employees to conduct their banking transactions during the day.

The new office is centrally located on campus next to the financial department on the ground floor. The excellent location in a high traffic area of the university will provide added convenience for customers who often pass this location pass through this area in their daily routine. Previously, JU students and employees were forced to leave campus in order to visit the main CAB branch in Downtown Aqaba to conduct banking transactions. With the opening of the new office, the inconvenience of leaving campus has been entirely eliminated.

The new office provides all of CAB’s basic banking services during normal working hours, in addition to 24-hour ATM service. The addition of the bank office will facilitate the university’s financial operations, providing a location for students to pay fees, staff to receive salaries, and individuals to send and receive money transfers.

Currently Cairo Amman Bank boasts an impressive 93 branches strategically located throughout the Kingdom. Expanding its penetration in Jordan, CAB is determined to overcome any barriers to deliver its services to clients wherever they may be. With its innovative lineup of banking solutions, Cairo Amman Bank has endeavored to bring convenience and satisfaction to its clients.

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