Cairo Amman Bank International Symposium of Formative Art – Fifth Session Begins in Amman next Tuesday

Tue, 2019-07-02

Amman – Al Rai - Cairo Amman Bank's Gallery brought to light the Artists participating in the Fifth Session of Cairo Amman Bank International Symposium. Having the Gallery announced the names including artists from around the world, the Bank's Lobby will be on the second of July an International creative workshop for ten days ending up with the culmination of an International exhibition of the workshop's achievements.

The Most Famous International Artist participates in the Fifth Session of the Symposium which has been held regularly for five years, he is the Chinese Wan Jiyuan who is the Guest of Honor of the Symposium, Ahmad Shiha, Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen, Rasha Alem and Ahmad Saber from Egypt, Thomas Cox and Jacqueline Basker from America, Evita Andujar from Spain, the Syrian Subhi Hadidi and the Palestinian Tayseer Barakat, Ekterna Grechani from Russia, Kristina Milakovic and Jasna Opavski from Serbia, the Saudi Zaman Jassim, Mikica Trujkanovik from Macedonia, Vania Tam from Italy, Hakim Jamain from Jordan and Mohammad Shalabi from Tunisia. While a number of young artists participate who are: Othman Shihab, Abeer Shaqdeif, Huzama Abu Judah, Wa'ed Quaider and Haya Mahmoud from Palestine and Mohammad Al Jaloos from Jordan as the General Director of the Symposium.

The presence of the Chinese Artist Jiyuan is an important gainful participation for the Jordanian Art Scene; he is the artist who is an Art Ambassador of his country for his importance, international art achievement and rich art mission, professionalism in painting and academic performance. In addition to his high skill in painting huge murals and innovative artistic characterization, he is a realistic painter who monitors nature and landscapes with unparalleled skill.

The selection of Cairo Amman Bank's Gallery of artists in each session come in a variety as in each session to enrich the Jordanian art scene emphasizing the universality of art and its humanitarian and aesthetic message.

Till then, the Symposium in its current session opens the horizons for new artists to deal with the Jordanian and Oriental Scene in professional and innovative ways with new visions where international arts meet on the Jordanian art arena and allow them to exchange experiences and views with artists and art students.

This Symposium is one of the International Art Forums on the International Art Map because of its application of the International Art Standards in terms of good organization, number of days of workshops, the conditions for the selection of artists as well as the various logistical arrangements.

The workshop of the symposium which lasts for ten days will be a striking artistic scene which the Art Director/Curator of the Gallery is keen on to attract arts to the Jordanian art arena, while the Exhibition will be international in nature because all participants are known internationally and have their own artistic finger print.

As the former sessions added new work to the Gallery's special art collections, the Symposium will enhance the collection with new work, a very important art accumulation.

Till then, the participation of a group of young generation is of great importance and their involvement along with international artists will enhance their ideas of innovation and creativity, the importance of painting within the group, becoming free of being restricted to local participation only, provides them with experience and communication and opens the prospects for them to identify art techniques and performances they did not previously experience. 

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