Cairo Amman Bank introduces PayPal services to promote Electronic Commerce in Jordan

Wed, 2014-04-23

Cairo Amman Bank has ratified on Tuesday corresponding to 22/4/2014 a partnership agreement with PayPal, as being the leading global provider for online payment services, with a view to granting its customers more of secured buying options through the internet and to benefit from the other distinctive services provided by PayPal.
And PayPal has high confidence in all parts of the world; to enable millions of consumers to shop online more safely and easily every day, and this agreement grants our customers more flexibility and security.
Customers of Cairo Amman Bank can establish PayPal account through the bank’s electronic site to link their credit and credit cards linked and to start using the account immediately for shopping safely and easily through millions of World Wide Web. It also enables them to increase the balance of their PayPal own account through their current account maintained with the bank, and to have money sent through the company to any recorded account by using E-mail.
In addition to that, PayPal with enables merchants to have funds directly transferred from their PayPal own account to their account with Cairo Amman Bank and without need to any mediator. This feature will be available for the first time in the Middle East through this partnership, and merchants will be given a new dimension to manage their work and allows them to accept online payments more easily than ever. This feature is very important to start-up companies which are in desperate need of the greatest amount of money and capital.
In this cooperation, Laurent Wakim the Regional Manager of Mena at PayPal commented: “We are very happy with this cooperation between us and Cairo Amman Bank. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the most of Arab countries open to the new techniques, and we hope, through this cooperation of enabling users and merchants of maximum advantage when shopping online safely, easily and fast, we are also proud of activating transfer of funds for the first time in the Middle East from the merchants’ PayPal account to their banking account, this gives them complete control over their money and flexibility in receiving online payments”.
On his part, Chairman of the Board of Cairo Amman Bank Yazid Al-Mufti stated” Cairo Amman Bank having signed a partnership agreement with PayPal, is only one of the leading financial services through which the bank seeks to create large areas of economic activity to its customers and to provide them with an appropriate and innovative way to shop online and send money to any individual”.
Al-Mufti explained that “PayPal” service is not only an electronic alternative to traditional means of payment such as cheques and financial remittances, but also faster and an easier way to pay through the internet and sending money and the most secure against the operations of electronic piracy.
Cairo Amman Bank is of the view that signing this partnership with PayPal is the main station in the bank’s distinctive trip in the region to enable Global Electronic Commerce in all parts of the Middle East through providing a secure and easy mean for online buying and selling through smart phones, and that through enabling the bank’s customers of merchants and users to enjoy online shopping with millions of merchants and users all over the world who depend on PayPal to manage their payments.

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