Cairo Amman Bank launched its distinctive campaign for saving accounts prizes for the year 2018

Thu, 2018-03-22


Cairo Amman Bank surprised the holders of its saving accounts and the searchers for the distinctive banking services by its prizes' program for the year 2018.

What is new as for Cairo Amman Bank prizes is that, to be lucky is not limited to the holder of the saving account, but also applies to his/her family members who have saving accounts with the Bank.

Cairo Amman Bank has allocated for the Grand Prize for this year an amount of 1,100,000 dinar, one million dinar for the new millionaire and 100 thousand dinar for his/her family members who have saving accounts with the Bank.

Cairo Amman Bank prizes' surprises will have no limits in the year 2018, because the winner and his/her family members who have saving accounts will be made happy, in the quarterly prize amounting 250 thousand dinar to the winner and 50 thousand dinar to his family members.

The holders of saving accounts together with their family members are promised to win the Grand Prize in addition to the quarterly prizes at the end of the current month March and the next two months June and September.

During the months of April, July, August, October and November, Cairo Amman Bank continues to make its customers happy by a monthly prize which is Tesla Car of 2018 model.

On weekly basis, the holders of saving accounts are promised two prizes, the first is a golden ounce and the second is 10 thousand dinar to be gained by two winners.

Cairo Amman Bank was keen to increase the chances of its customers to win, it has granted a daily prize of 3 golden liras by one golden lira to each winner.

Cairo Amman Bank has made a change to the life of Ms. Shurouk Al-Sa'di the holder of a saving account at Al Madina Al Munawara Street Branch when she has been recently announced as a Millionaire at the City Mall in the Capital Amman for having gained the Grand Cash Prize amounting more than one million dinar for the year 2017.

Al-Sa'di stated: What she has experienced at the City Mall was a dream because she became a millionaire overnight and said that: "She did not expect to win this prize and her joy is indescribable by this big event which will make a radical change to her life".

The same was experienced by Dr. Ali Hassan Alutoum, the holder of a saving account at Al Salam Markets Branch of Cairo Amman Bank the year before last year when he had been announced as the First Millionaire winning Cairo Amman Bank Grand Prize.

Cairo Amman Bank has held two huge ceremonies for the two holders of saving accounts as being the two winners of its Grand Prize which were sponsored by its General Manager Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri.

As Cairo Amman Bank grows more determined in making its customers happy, customers are increasingly having faith in its distinctive and unique banking services which made the two winners Shurouk Al-Sa'di and Ali Alutoum consider their win as evident and proof that the bank is capable of making the life of its customers better and more than they expect.

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