Cairo Amman Bank launches its promotional campaign for Saving Accounts Prizes from Taj Mall

Mon, 2018-05-21

Through its private wing at the main door of "Taj Mall", Cairo Amman Bank launched its promotional campaign for saving accounts encouraging prizes programme for the year 2018.

The campaign aims to introduce saving accounts prizes programme and to promote prizes to be granted on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis in addition to the Grand Prize.

Through its wing at Taj Mall, the bank demonstrates "Tesla" cars which were allocated for the monthly prize and a number of events and competitions during which there was distribution of "Saving Accounts" prizes to participants.

Cairo Amman Bank surprised the holders of its saving accounts and finders of outstanding banking services by its prizes programme for the year 2018.

To be lucky with Cairo Amman Bank prizes in the year 2018 is not limited to the holder of the saving account but also to his family members who have saving accounts with the bank.

Cairo Amman Bank allocated an amount of 1,100,000 dinar for the Grand Prize, one million dinar for the New Millionaire and 100 thousand dinars for his family members who have saving accounts with the bank.

Cairo Amman Bank surprises for prizes are unlimited in the year 2018, because the winner and his family who have saving accounts will be made happy when granted the quarterly prize amounting 250 thousand dinar to the winner and 50 thousand dinar to his family members.

The holders of saving accounts and their family members are promised to win the Grand Prize in addition to the quarterly prize at the end of the current month of March and the coming June and September.

Cairo Amman Bank continues to please people during the months of April, May, July, August, October and November with a monthly prize which is Tesla car of the year 2018.

As for weekly basis, holders of saving accounts are promised two prizes, the first is gold ounce and the second is 10 thousand dinar to be gained by two winners.

Cairo Amman Bank is keen to increase the chances of its customers to win by granting a daily prize of three gold lira coins by one gold lira coin per winner.

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