Cairo Amman Bank meets an increasing customer demand in Irbid by opening a new branch in Al Huson

Thu, 2021-06-10

Irbid – Cairo Amman Bank has increased its presence in Irbid Governorate by opening a new branch in Al Huson to serve its customers easily and to relieve pressure on other branches.

The new branch started receiving its customers at its location in Irbid – Al Huson – Main Street – opposite to Bani Obeid Security Center.

The Branch of Cairo Amman Bank has been furnished according to the latest modern and technological designs in order to ensure speeding up customer service and expand the base of customers by providing the best of the banking services.

The Branch's business and interior designs simulate the process of renovation and the continuous banking renaissance that is being experienced by the Bank to match the corporate identity of the Bank so as to provide an up to date service in comfort, safety and smoothness.

The Bank took into consideration to provide all means of comfort and speeding up its services to its customers within the Branch, including the installation of an ATM to provide all banking services around the clock. 

It is indicated that this new branch was established in the course of implementing the Bank's policy to expand geographical spread to serve its customers everywhere, as a result of the remarkable increase in the number of new customers whose confidence in the Bank's premium banking services, especially electronic ones, have been enhanced.

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