Cairo Amman Bank pays entitlements of the medical entities certified by Med. Service by prepaid Visa Cards

Sun, 2014-05-11

Amman – Med. Service has selected Cairo Amman Bank to pay the entitlements of its customers through prepaid Visa Cards service so as to be the first company for medical insurance management carrying out the payment of the entitlements of the medical entities which are certified by  through prepaid Visa Cards service.

And the two parties signed an agreement to provide this technology through Cairo Amman Bank relying on the bank’s experience in providing the payment of entitlements to the customers of many entities belonging to the local community.

And this agreement in considered one of the outcomes of considering Cairo Amman Bank as being unique in providing distinctive and qualitative banking services to its customers among which is electronic payment cards.

And according to the cooperation program agreed upon by the two parties, the bank will provide the service of settling the value of the financial entitlements to the medical entities certified by Med. Service by way of issuing prepaid Visa Cards for each beneficial entity.         

Prepaid Visa Cards will be charged by Med. Service for the cards granted to the medical entities that entered into contract thereby.

What features this program is that it will enable the beneficial medical entities to withdraw the amounts through ATM Machines or by using procurement at points-of-sale all over the Kingdom or abroad.

It also facilitates the payment process for the institutions and companies to pay the entitlements of the entities which are connected with by contracts and to lessen the burden on these institutions and companies.

And this program provides the beneficial medical entities distinctive services by paying directly to make referring to the company or the bank needless. 

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