Cairo Amman Bank receives its customers at Jabal Al Weibdeh branch in a new view of heritage

Tue, 2014-04-15

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank received its customers at Jabal Al Weibdeh branch in the center of the capital in a new form that meets the increased demand for its banking products. The branch renovation focused on the new identity of the bank and being tailored for development and excellence achieved by Cairo Amman Bank in its customer service.

Renovation works at Jabal Al Weibdeh branch were marked by observing the ancientness of this area, its heritage and tourism, cultural and art civilization that features the existence of the Arab Cultural Center as well as the French, Jordanian Artists Association and Jordanian Writers Association.

The bank is keen on providing its services and financial products to tourism and technical investments available in the area, in addition to the old and ancient families living there, it also provides its services to the public neighboring and surrounding sectors such as Ministry of Finance, Lands, Survey and Customs Directorates, Examinations Directorate, Estimate and Building Taxes Department reporting to Amman Municipality. 

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