Cairo Amman Bank signs a cooperation agreement with the Military Credit Fund

Sun, 2012-02-19

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) signed a cooperation agreement with the Military Credit Fund (MCF), under which the MCF beneficiaries will take advantage of CAB ATM services. The agreement was signed on Thursday 9/2/2012 at the bank’s headquarter by CAB’s General Manager Kamal Al Bakri and the General Manager of MCF Mohannad Shahdeh.

Shehadeh stated that CAB was selected among other local banks after meeting all the needed requirements. MCF was also keen to cooperate with a national reliable bank such as CAB, with its wide spread network around the Kingdom, which will facilitate the banking services for beneficiaries, through the bank’s ATM network.

Kamal Al Bakri assured that the bank is committed to providing the best services to the armed forces and security services “who we respect and appreciate”, supplying them with all the necessary banking services. Al Bakri added that the bank is proud of the confidence that it has gained over the past years and has utilized advanced technologies to provide the best services, in addition to the continuous expansion that allows the bank to increase its customer base.

It is worth mentioning that Cairo Amman Bank has around 180 ATM machines spread in different areas of the Kingdom. These machines are distinguished by providing services that differ from any other ATM machines, such as the iris recognition service, which allows the clients to complete their transactions without the need of having the ATM card.

This agreement is another effort to CAB’s continuous support to the government institutions, through offering a variety of banking and financing services, where CAB recently announced its support to “Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO)” by granting loans for small and medium enterprises as part of financing small and medium programs, which was launched by the government last year.

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