Cairo Amman Bank strengthens its network of branches and offices by opening a new office in the center of Zarqa

Sun, 2019-06-23

Zarqa – Cairo Amman Bank has recently received customers at its new office in the commercial center of Zarqa City.

What distinguishes the new office which is located at the Social Security premises, building no. 46 – Shamel Street, is its location in a vibrant commercial area including shops and employees and workers at the public and private sectors.

By having this office, Cairo Amman Bank serves the sectors of doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, Military retirees and the social security retirees.

Works and interior designs of the branch simulate the process of renovation and the continuous banking boom witnessed by the bank.

The new office for Cairo Amman Bank in Zarqa eases the burden on Zarqa Branch which is located at Baghdad Street by providing a distinctive banking environment suits the need of customers and saves them effort and time when their banking operations related to their accounts are under process. 

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