Cairo Amman Bank supports Job Days at Jordanian Universities

Sun, 2019-05-26

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank embodied its mission towards empowering the Jordanian Youth to get jobs in different fields and specializations by its support of job days organized by Jordanian Universities.

Cairo Amman Bank having role in support of job days at each of Jordan, Philadelphia, Princess Sumaya, the Hashemite, the German Jordanian Universities.

These events were highly welcomed by job seekers in the banking and financial sector, the Bank's wing in these days had also received seekers' applications for jobs in this field.

Cairo Amman Bank gives the youth great importance especially to enabling them to get jobs in different fields and specializations as part of its policy of supporting the local community and contributing to have poverty and unemployment problems solved among the youth.

Cairo Amman Bank is recognized as one of the Leading National Institutions in the care of the young people and their skills, both by contributing to their ability to live a decent life and supporting their small and medium-sized enterprises which made it the destination for the International and European banks and financial institutions that work on supporting the economy of countries through the promotion of creative youth projects at various levels.

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