Cairo Amman Bank Welcomes Customers in Fuheis Branch with Modernity

Wed, 2022-04-20


Amman – Cairo Amman Bank welcomes its customers in the headquarters of its branch in Fuheis, after it was modernized to meet the banking needs of the region and serve all segments.

Cairo Amman Bank branch, which is located in Fuheis, by Fuheis Circle, has been modernized according to the latest modern and technical designs with the aim of ensuring speedy customer service and expanding the customer base by providing the best banking services.

The interior works and designs of the branch mimic the process of renovation and the continuous banking revival that the bank is witnessing to match the corporate identity of the bank, in order to provide a modern service with comfort, safety, and smoothness.

During the modernization of the Fuheis branch, the bank took in account the provision of all amenities and the speed of providing the services to its customers in the branch, including the provision of an ATM, to provide all banking services 24 hours a day.

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