Cairo Amman Bank welcomes its customers at its new location in Ramtha

Sun, 2020-09-06

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank received its customers at the new location of its Branch in Ramtha City which has been recently moved there to meet the banking needs of the area and serves all segments of the society.

The Branch of Cairo Amman Bank in Ramtha moved to its new location, where the Syrian route (Sham route) starts – opposite to Ramtha Administration and Ramtha First Instance Court.

The new location is characterized by its commercial vitality and has a wide space opposite to it which provides parking for its customers' cars, while the Branch's business and interior designs simulate the process of renovation and the continuous banking renaissance that is being experienced by the Bank to match the corporate identity of the Bank to provide an up to date service in comfort, safety and smoothness.

The new location enables the Bank to provide its banking services and products to a large number of customers by providing a distinctive banking environment that meets customers needs and save their effort and time when completing their banking transactions related to their accounts, 

In designing the new location, the Bank took into consideration the provision of all means of comfort and speeding up its services to its customers within the Branch, including the installation of an ATM to provide all banking services around the clock.

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