Cairo Amman Banks donates an amount of 100 thousand dinar to the Ministry of Health

Wed, 2020-03-18


Amman – Cairo Amman Bank announced its donation of an amount of 100 thousand dinar to support health care efforts at the Ministry of Health. And in a publicity release passed by it today Wednesday, it said this donation is part of the Bank's responsibility towards the local community through supporting Jordan's efforts in fighting the spread of corona virus.

In its publicity release, Cairo Amman Bank confirmed that this donation is a national commitment to support all efforts to defend Jordan by strengthening its health system and its stability, which is currently represented in trapping and eliminating corona virus.

The publicity release confirmed the Bank Administration's belief in the Jordanian peoples and their awareness in supporting all exerted efforts to fight this epidemic calling the Almighty for keeping Jordan safe and stable in the hands of his the Hashemite Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein the Great.

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