The Exhibition of the Photographer Essam Talhami at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery

Mon, 2019-04-08

At Cairo Amman Bank Gallery, the Exhibition of the Palestinian Artist Essam Talhami will be opened next Tuesday the ninth of the current month April under the title "Reflections of Photo Poetry", and it is the first exhibition in Jordan of the photographer who is coming from Acre (Akka), carrying with him scenes taken by his creative eyes in different places during art tours over the last years. The artist is considered one of the most prominent Arab photographers whose works were displayed In different countries of the world. It was mentioned in the Gallery's Word that: Since the foundation of Cairo Amman Bank Gallery, we gave commitment to display art works of Jordanian, Arab and Foreign Artists, and photo has always been the focus of our interest with its aesthetic and documentary significance which contributed to liberating peoples from the yoke of oppression and tyranny and observed the joys and sorrows of human throughout history. And through these years of the lifetime of our Hall, there was continuous cooperation in this area with the French Cultural Center in Amman through Photography Launching Program, where the works of First-rate Photographers were introduced under different titles celebrating the place and the human image in our country and other countries around the world.
This year, we are content to host "An Important Photographer" in the area of photo, who is the Palestinian Artist Essam Talhami, so that his distinctive eyes carry to us artistic shots for which he toured the world to obtain. Here we are to introduce them to the audience of our Hall within photography launching, and we are pleased with this Quality Exhibition to enthrone our concern which we always care about.
Photo has always been of great importance in the world of the Contemporary Art, this kind was present in the International Art Symposiums of Documental, going through various International Biennials and Art Markets in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Beirut and other countries, and it is absolutely an indication of the status of this kind of art and the world's appreciation of photo.
We welcome the Artist Essam Talhami the Photographer who is illustrious, distinguished by his long history and his outstanding achievements, welcome to Cairo Amman Bank Gallery as being "House of Artists".
The Exhibition lasts for one month at the Gallery.

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