Extension of submission until 30/9/2020 to Cairo Amman Bank Children's Painting Competition "11th Session"

Wed, 2020-09-09

Amman – Cairo Amman Bank Gallery announced the extension of the period of participation in the Eleventh Session of the Annual Children's Painting Competition in cooperation with Fabriano Jordan, given the circumstances of students and schools during Corona Pandemic period, it is in the interest of the Gallery to grant students and schools the opportunity to participate, so it was decided to extend that until 30/9/2020. According to the terms of the competition, it is opened to all students in the Kingdom in accordance with the terms on top of them the subjects of the competition which are; the Environment Where the Student Lives, Pride in the Homeland and Identity, the Daily Life, Jerusalem in the Eyes of Our Children. It also came among the terms; materials and substances: to be of water, wood and oil colors, graphic and poster art, various art materials.

It is allowed for students from the age of 5-16 to participate, as for the maximum size of artworks submission to the competition it is 50x70. A student can present Fabriano book to get the outstanding book prize. Sculpture and solid are not accepted. Name, age, school name and phone number have to be clearly written on back side of artwork, none of this information may be written on the surface of the painting, roll-shaped works are not accepted, paintings have to be on Fabriano paper. Works participating in the competition cannot be claimed for.

Submissions in the competition can be handed over to any branch of Cairo Amman Bank widely spread in the governorates of the Kingdom and the deadline for receiving artwork at the Head Office of Cairo Amman Bank – Cairo Amman Bank Gallery – Zara Building in Wadi Saqra is 15/7/2020.

It is reported that participating age groups are: the First Group is from 5-7 years, the Second is from 8-10 years, the Third is from 11-13 years and the Fourth is from 14-16 years and there are 5 prizes for each age group so the number of financial prizes for all groups becomes 20 prizes. The first prize is a saving account with an amount of 500 dinar, the second is a saving account with an amount of 400 dinar, the third is a saving account with an amount of 300 dinar, the fourth and the fifth are a saving account with an amount of 200 dinar, and a special prize presented by Fabriano which is a scholarship of 1000 dinar for the winner selected by the jury among the first five winners for all age groups.

The competition administration created a prize of 500 dinar for the prominent teacher which is presented by Fabriano International.

And Fabriano outstanding book prize of 1000 dinar, prize for the teacher supervising Fabriano winning book of 500 dinar, certificate of appreciation for the winners from the first to the fifth from every age group, certificate of appreciation for the 80 students whose works are displayed in the exhibition, certificate of appreciation for the schools participating in the exhibition and a special gift for the most prominent submission reaching 80 presented by Cairo Amman Bank and Fabriano.

Cairo Amman Bank as being the organizer, works on printing a book including all the winning artworks and the most prominent art submission reaching 80 regardless of winning the competition or not.

Cairo Amman Bank and Fabriano are also having a special celebration for the distribution of prizes at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery where the winning artworks will be exhibited in addition to the most prominent art submission.

It is to mention that the jury consists of five members of the specialized in the art of child and the formative arts.

And to point out that Cairo Amman Bank Children's Painting Competition is an artistic space to discover artists to be. Cairo Amman Bank introduces the eleventh session of the competition as a gift from the Bank to the children of Jordan to express themselves towards the surroundings. With their artworks, they reflect their understanding and perception of us and their search for answers to questions of life and nature.

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