A New Millionaire wins Cairo Amman Bank Grand Prize for the Year 2018

Thu, 2019-01-10

Amman – Last Thursday corresponding to 10/1/2019, City Mall in Amman witnessed the celebration of announcing the Third Millionaire winning Cairo Amman Bank Saving Accounts Grand Cash Prize amounting Million Dinar to the winner of the year 2018.

The celebration was followed via live broadcast on Amman TV, Rotana Radio and Social Media Sites. Through the two media women Nadia Al-Zu'bi and Rahaf Sawalha, Cairo Amman Bank announced the luckiest who won the Grand Cash Prize.

It was a stroke of luck that Mr. Talal Ali Abed-Al Mawla Abu-Namous the holder of saving account at Philadelphia University Branch to become a millionaire quite un- expectedly , and the winner is one of saving accounts holders at Cairo Amman Bank who eagerly waited for the announcement of the name of the third and new winner.

Cairo Amman Bank Deputy General Manager Mr. Nizar Shawkha handed over the Grand Prize to the winner in a huge celebration in which a large number of attendees gathered and included interesting sketches such as Flash Mob activity, Guitanai Band and several activities, competitions and prizes distributed to the audience.

The winner Talal Abu-Namous said that he did not expect to win this prize and his happiness is indescribable by this great event which will change his life a lot. He added that having faith in Cairo Amman Bank and its outstanding and unique banking services made him consider this win as proof and evidence that the bank is capable of having the life of its customers changed to the better and more than they expect.

Cairo Amman Bank launched the Grand Prize amounting Million Dinar for the winner and 100 thousands dinar for the winner's family members who maintain saving accounts with the bank to be equally (within saving accounts outstanding program for the year 2018), which included many prizes being won by its customers and they were three lira of gold on daily basis, the prize of 10 Thousand Dinars and gold ounce weekly, the monthly prize which is Tesla cars S and X model and the quarterly prize which is  300 Thousand Dinar (250 Thousand Dinars for the winner and 50 Thousand Dinars for the winner's family members who have saving accounts at the bank and that is equally).

Just as saving accounts holders are used to what makes them happy from Cairo Amman Bank, new surprises waiting for them within the campaign for saving accounts new prizes program for the year 2019 which will be announced shortly.

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