The Ordinary General Assembly of Cairo Amman Bank Approves dividend distribution by 12% of the nominal value of the share

Sun, 2021-05-02

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders of Cairo Amman Bank in its meeting which was held on 29/4/2021 through electronic visual communication, approved the financial statements, the Board's report for the year 2020 and the Company's future business plan, in addition to  approving the Board's recommendation to distribute dividends in the amount of 120 fils per share, i.e. a rate of 12% of the nominal value of the share being one Jordanian dinar.

The Ordinary General Assembly also approved to renew the election of the Bank's Auditors Deloitte and Touché/Mr. Karim Al Nabulsi, as well as approving the appointment of Mr. Hisham Zafer Al-Masri as a non-independent board member so as to fill the vacant seat on the Bank's Board of Directors. 

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