Quality Cooperation between (The University of Jordan) and Cairo Amman Bank

Sun, 2020-02-09


Amman – The University of Jordan signed today Thursday an appendix to the agreement with Cairo Amman Bank on the issuance and activation of smart identity cards of multi purposes for the University's students and members of the academic and administrative bodies. 

The agreement was signed on behalf of the University of Jordan by its President Professor Dr. Abd Al-Kareem Al-Qudah and on behalf of Cairo Amman Bank by the CEO Mr. Kamal Al Bakri.

For his part, Professor Dr. Abdul-Karim Qdah said that the confidence of the University of Jordan is strengthened towards Cairo Amman Bank as a result of the success achieved by smart card to shorten many of the procedures that required time and effort.

He added that the Bank's  focus on developing its banking products and services and the financial inclusion, enabled it to provide unique and quality services at the banking sector's level for all economic and social segments foremost of which the Jordanian Universities where the smart card shortened time and effort administratively and financially.

Mr. Al Bakri said that the renewal of the agreement on the issuance of smart cards by Cairo Amman Bank for students and members of the academic and administrative bodies at the University of Jordan confirms the Bank's success in harnessing the digital and technical boom to serve the Jordanian Universities in developing its  services for the student, teacher and employee.

He pointed out that the renewal of signing the agreement on the issuance of smart cards with Cairo Amman Bank marks a new era of cooperation between the public institutions and the private sector and having the University of Jordan to benefit from smart cards various services provided by Cairo Amman Bank, that forms one of its headings and that for their immediate effect on developing the educational process at the University.

What is new at Cairo Amman Bank to support the University of Jordan, it will modernize three gardens on the campus and make the gardens shaded in addition to providing electrical train to facilitate the movement of students and educational staff within the campus.

It will also install an electronic access system on the parking gates to support the process of admission and online payment.

And as Cairo Amman Bank have constant endeavor to keep pace with technology; it will launch Mobile Application Service for the university smart card to make easy use of the smart card features.   

The smart card issued by Cairo Amman Bank adds quality services to its holder, including electronic payment technology, secured online financial transactions, in addition to many advantages, such as having access to all campus facilities, payment of tuition fees, getting amounts paid for scholarships and having daily wages and salaries paid through recharging cards.

While being outside the campus, card holder can have it used for purchase and cash withdrawal at point of sales and ATMs as an electronic payment card "prepaid".

The identity card could be also used for online shopping, used locally and internationally, top the card up through the branches of Cairo Amman Bank, enables card holders to benefit from rewards and awards program, points with discounts and offers when used within a wide network of commercial shops having contracts with the Bank all over the Kingdom.

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