Two Jordanian Formative Artists at Cairo Amman Bank Gallery

Sun, 2019-01-27

At Cairo Amman Bank Gallery, an exhibition will be held of the two artists' works "Rezeq Abdul-Hadi and Walid Al Jafari" on Tuesday the Fifth of next February. This exhibition comes at the beginning of the Gallery's activities that celebrated ten years of the Gallery's foundation last year. The Gallery's Word included: (Here we are in the eleventh year of the Gallery's duration of life, and turn years of work of art during which we had prominent presence in the Jordanian and International Formative Arenas, through quality exhibitions which were held and included Arab and foreign artists in addition to the Jordanian art.

At the beginning of the New Year, it pleases us to introduce two of the Jordanian artists who remained away from the media circle over the past years because of their permanent residence abroad. Our artist Rezeq Abdul-Hadi who studied art for many years in Germany, followed by Dr. Walid Al Jafari who lived in the United Arab Emirates and both are of the generation that followed the founding generation. Over the past years, their work was characterized by spontaneous tendency and the political symbol had remarkable existence therein. In addition to art which they are involved in, they have different cultural interests which enriched the aesthetic scene in their work of art and had it led to the philosophical dimensions and connotations associated with the homeland. The Palestinian Issue had prominent existence in their work of art, why not and both belong to the Nakba generation, were born in Palestine and experienced years of displacement in exile and camps.

We welcome the two artists Rezeq Abdul-Hadi and Walid Al Jafari in Cairo Amman Bank Gallery as being "House of Artists).

Cairo Amman Bank Gallery is the Bank's cultural arm and was established in the year 2008 where many exhibitions were held of Jordanian, Arab and Foreign Artists works which showed a distinguished presence in the Jordanian Art Arena. The Gallery's activities were not limited to exhibitions but also included Children Art Competitions, symposiums which are held annually and included prominent names in the area of formative art which has enriched the formative scene and added Arab and International dimension recommended by everyone.

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