Under the auspices of his Excellency the Director of the Public Security Cairo Amman Bank issues a manual to empower parents to adolescents' drug prevention in cooperation with Al Marji Publications Company

Wed, 2019-03-13

(Amman – March, 13th 2019) – In line with the Public Security Directorate Campaign "Edi bi edak/we go hand in hand" which is implemented by Anti-Narcotics Department to raise awareness and prevent drugs. Today and under the auspices of his Excellency the Director of the Public Security Directorate Major General Fadel Al- Hamood, a manual for parents was launched under the title "Na'am lil siha wa al sa'ada, la lilmukhadarat/Yes to health and happiness, no to drugs.

On this occasion, Cairo Amman Bank Chief Executive Officer Kamal Al-Bakri said: "The Bank supports the local community in all aspects; its contribution to the issuance of this manual stems from its belief in the need to increase the positive energy of the rising generations, the Bank also encourages any initiative or effort enhances the response to the drug scourge for the protection of the rising generations from becoming addicted to them.

Al Marji Publications Company issued this manual under the sponsorship of Cairo Amman Bank and in partnership with the Royal Health Awareness Society and Anti- Narcotics Department in both Arabic and English version to provide the parents of children between the ages of 12-14 with basic information about drug addiction and how to prevent it in Jordan.

The Publisher and the Managing Director of Al Marji Publications Hind-Lara Mango stated that: "Parents and caregivers are primarily to protect children from drugs, presence of ways of open dialogue to communicate with our children prevents them from addiction, which is easier from being addicted to then their recovery.

The Director General of the Royal Health Awareness Society Hanin Odeh pointed to the importance of raising awareness of parents in addressing and prevention of this scourge by saying: "The launching of the booklet is the continuity of the joint cooperation between the Royal Health Awareness Society, Anti-Narcotics Department and Al Marji Publications Company, and in line with the role played by the Society through an immunization initiative to prevent youth from the drug threat, and it will become a useful guide for parents, educators and adolescents to raise awareness about the types and effect of drugs and the causes of adolescents abuse and ways to detect them. 

This manual is the concerted efforts of the public and private sector in addressing adolescents' drug addiction in Jordan and it is a fundamental message of the National Campaign which was launched last week.

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