Phone Banking Service

Phone Banking Service provides you access to your accounts at Cairo Amman Bank easily and securely, where the service enables you to get all your banking needs any time.

Services provided through Phone Banking Service include:

  • Inquiry about account (s) balance (s).
  • Inquiry about the last ten transactions on the account.
  • Bills instant payment service.
  • Order a Cheque Book and collect it from the branch.
  • Inquiry about fixed deposits details.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Transfer funds to the accounts of Cairo Amman Bank customers – Jordan.
  • Credit Cards Services (Card information, Card transactions and Card installments payment).
  • Stop any of your credit cards or your Master Debit Card or Prepaid Card.
  • Recharging Prepaid Card.
  • You will need special pass word for transferring funds to the accounts of Cairo Amman Bank customers.

Mechanism of registration in the Phone Banking Services:

  • Dial the number 06/5007700 from any land line or mobile.
  • Press (1) to subscribe to all Phone Banking Services, or press (2) to subscribe to the Phone Banking Services excluding Funds Transfer Service to another customer.
  • Visit the official site for Cairo Amman Bank www.cab.jo and review the Special Terms for subscription to the Phone Banking Service. If accepted by you, press (1) to continue, or press (2) for cancellation.
  • Insert the number of your card which consists of (14) digits.
  • Insert the Pin Code which consists of four digits.
  • A message will be sent to the mobile number known to the system and it includes User Number and your Pin Code. In case you want to continue, press (1) and your request will be sent successfully, or press (2) for change and insert the new mobile number which consists of (10) digits then press # when you finish. In case of continuation, press (1) and your request will be sent successfully.
  • * To deactivate the phone banking services please call Cairo Amman Bank call center 065007700

For terms and conditions, press here