Chatbot – Labeeb

Labeeb is the first interactive smart assistant (chatbot) that helps and serves clients by chatting over the bank’s website and Facebook page. Labeeb helps clients with their transactions and managing their accounts 24/7 in a secure and easy manner, in both Arabic and English and free of charge.

How can I talk to Labeeb for help?

Through the chatbox on the bank’s website www.cab.jo
or by chatting with him through the bank’s official Facebook page www.facebook.com/cairoammanbank Just make sure you see the blue checkmark confirming that it’s our official page. "Checkmark
First: Only the first time, you have to follow the following steps to register for the service:

  • When the conversation with Labeeb begins, he will ask you to enter your customer number of 8 figures, e.g. 90123456
  • If it’s your first time using this service, Labeeb will ask you to register. If you want to enjoy his service, please click on “Register with Labeeb!”.
  • If you are using Facebook, a new page will be opened to continue, or if you are doing it through the bank’s website, you will be redirected to a new window. In both cases, you will be asked for some information to confirm your identity.
  • Fill in the required fields; the last for digits of your debit card (ATM card), the card’s passcode, your national ID no., the customer number, the registered mobile no. and birthdate.
  • After you are done filling the form, please read the terms and conditions carefully by clicking on “Terms and Conditions.” If you agree to them, check the box before the sentence “I agree to the registration terms and conditions of this service.”

  • When done, click “Register.”
  • Labeeb will check your information against the information already registered at the bank, and, if verified, he will inform you that the registration is successful.
  • When the registration is done, please close the window and go back to the chatbox either through messenger or the website.


Second: To start using the service:

  • Please type in the word “login.”
  • Labeeb will ask for your customer number.
  • He will send you a text message with a 6-digit passcode, which is used for one time only and is valid for 2 minutes. (This is the mobile number registered at the bank on which you receive the transaction notification messages).
  • Labeeb will ask you to enter the code, please type it to log in.

Third: How do I interact with Labeeb?
Labeeb offers you a wide range of electronic banking services. Please write your request clearly for Labeeb to understand what you need.
Fourth: What are the services provided by Labeeb?
The services that Labeeb provides fall under 3 main categories:

  • General Services.
  • Accounts Services.
  • Cards Services.

General Services:

  • Complaints and inquiries.
  • Branch locator.
  • The bank’s ATM locator. (He also informs you if the ATM is out of service or doesn’t offer the service you need, e.g. doesn’t accept cheques).
  • Currencies prices inquiries.
  • Inquiries about the latest campaigns by the bank.
  • Working hours inquiries.

Accounts Services:

  • Balance checking.
  • Issue account statements for the last 10 transactions.
  • Apply for instant cheque book.
  • Internal money transfer between the client’s accounts or to another CAB client.
  • Ask for a specific account’s IBAN number.


Cards Services:

  • Activate/deactivate a credit or debit card.
  • Statement of outstanding transactions of a credit or debit card.
  • Resend the passcode (PIN number) of a debit or prepaid card in a text message to the registered mobile number.
  • Credit card balance inquiry.
  • Credit card transactions statement.
  • Instant installment repayment from any of the client’s accounts.
  • Activate/cancel online buying service and set purchase limit.
  • Recharge prepaid cards.