Basic Account

It is a Jordanian resident bank account in JD currency with special terms and privileges targeting the individuals who are legally competent to deal with banks and do not have any bank accounts at any of the operating banks in Jordan, and they wish to make bank transactions within limits and costs that fit with their income and conditions.

Services offered for Basic Bank Accounts:

  • Cash withdrawal and deposit
  • Check deposits in the account
  • Outbound and inbound transfers to/from the account
  • A debit card is issued for the account
  • Access to e-banking services
  • Biometric identification

The following services are excluded for Basic Bank Accounts:

  • Issuance of checkbooks
  • Granting credit facilities
  • Issuance of credit cards
  • Credit interests or special prizes

The Bank is entitled to close the Basic Account or change its nature to Savings Account in the following cases:

  1. The customer provides the Bank with false or misleading information.
  2. The existence of another bank accounts for the customer before or after opening the basic account.
  3. The customer did not comply with the terms and conditions of the account.
  4. If there is no withdrawal or deposit on the account and the balance of the customer's account is zero, the account holder cannot be reached within more than 6 months.

Commissions and Limits for Basic Bank Accounts:

Commissionsor Fees Limits Services
No issuance commission ormonthly banking commission - ATM debit card
No commission with 500 filsfor each deposit after exceeding the maximum number of transactions With a ceiling of 350 JD per operation - a maximum of twooperations during the month Cash/cheque deposits through branches
With the same commissions from other types of accounts Inward/outward transfers within limits of transactions& account balance Bank Transfer
No commissions Inward transfers fromthe Royal Court, National Aid Fund, Government / military entity, aninternational aid institution accredited to the Ministry of SocialDevelopment
No commissions No limits for transactions Cash deposits through ATM
No commission; however, 500fils are deducted for each withdrawal after exceeding the maximum number ofoperations According to the available balance, limited to twotransactions per month Cash withdrawals through branches
No commission, except for the setcommissions in the case of using other banks' ATMs According to the available balance and no limits on thenumbers of transactions Cash withdrawal through ATM
In Jordanian dinars and without a minimum balance, with alimit of 700 JD The balance