Online Banking

Banking services through the internet are seen as highly important in view of the highly safe and efficient electronic use for account information, statements of account and other services.

Please call at one of CAB’s branches and request electronic services for your account.

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  • Features of this service
    • Easy to use: You can access your account around the clock through any computer.
    • High level of security: through the use of (ssl(128-bit encryption.
    • Guaranteed and efficient: Affords a better account management.
  • CAB’s electronic services provide the following:
    • A summary balance statement of all accounts.
    • Account statement.
    • Dinar-other-currency exchange rates.
    • Request for change of address.
    • Request for periodic account pay orders.
    • Display the periodic account pay order.
    • write and save short messages.
    • Request for a statement of account.
    • Change of the secret number.
    • eFAWATEERcom services.
    • Money transfers and remittances service (between accounts within the bank, ACH & RTGS).
    • PayPal services (Creation, top-up, withdrawal and transfers).
    • Changing phone number service.
    • Prepaid and virtual cards services.
    • Debit (ATM) cards services.
    • Credit cards services.

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