SMS Banking

These services are among the most advanced electronic banking services, as they were designed to keep up with our clients' aspirations and manage their banking transactions around the clock without the need to visit Cairo Amman Bank branches.

This service provides information related to the bank account securely, such as the transaction type and date.

The SMS service is automatically activated for individuals and companies as per the following details:

  • The service is activated for individual accounts for all debit and credit transactions.
  • The service is activated for corporate accounts for debit transactions. As for credit transactions or copies of checks, the customer must visit the branch to activate them.

Service features and benefits:
It provides a constant connection with the bank through send and received SMS so clients can manage their accounts safely, easily and quickly.

The service is divided into two categories:

  • Push SMS sent from the bank to clients.
  • Pull SMS sent from clients to the bank.

The Push SMS covers the following:

  • Account notifications. 
  • Accounts overriding notifications.
  • Financial transactions notifications.
  • Currencies notifications.
  • A variety of banking services.

The Pull SMS covers the following:

  • The client instantly receives the credit card's PIN number when activated.
  • If the client forgets the PIN, an SMS can be sent to 962797000483, and the bank will resend the PIN number.