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Cairo Amman Bank Renews Agreement with University of Science and Technology to Issue University Smart Cards

August 6, 2023

Irbid – The Jordan University of Science and Technology renewed its trust in Cairo Amman Bank by signing an agreement to convert the student university ID into a multi-use smart card.

Per the agreement, Cairo Amman Bank added quality services to cardholders, including electronic payment technology and secure financial operations via the internet.

The agreement was signed by Kamal Al-Bakri, CEO of the bank, and by the university’s president, Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, in the presence of the Vice President of the university, Prof. Dr. Sarhan Haddad, and the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Majid Mosaada.

The bank seeks to keep pace with technological advancements and harness them to provide excellent banking services to Jordanian universities’ students and academic and administrative staff.

Cairo Amman Bank issues and operates multi-use smart identity cards for university students and adds quality services to the cardholder that include electronic payment technology and secure financial operations via the internet, enabling students to use the card on campus as an ID, pay university fees, and pay in university facilities where POS devices are available, students can also use the card to purchase online, with the ability to recharge the card through bank branches and designated Kiosk.

Among the advantages of the smart card is enabling students to benefit from the discounts provided by the bank at a network of merchants and commercial stores that include many sectors which the cardholder needs and to benefit from the discounts and offers arranged by companies that issue cards and international and local payment services within an approved network of stores inside and outside Jordan.