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Cairo Amman bank provides contact center services in the highest technical standards, our valued customers are able to obtain directly many banking services without the need to refer to branches by calling our bank’s contact number : 065007700

You can reach us 24/7


Contact center services include :

Card services
  • Stop any of customer’s cards (credit cards, Visa electron cards and Prepaid cards)
  • Pin activation for Internet Banking and Bank’s cards'
  • Inquiries about cards balances ( Outstanding, available)
  • Inquiries about Credit Cards payments
  • Provide technical support for PayPal service
  • Provide technical support for online banking Service
  • Provide technical support for CAB Mobile banking
  • Activate and suspended from trading currencies and precious metals accounts CABFX
  • Banking services 
  • Inquiries about all banking products and services
  • Inquiries about account balances and transaction
  • Inquiries about all kind of accounts
  • Loans calculator
  • Branches and ATM’s network

    Head Office

    Arar Street, Wadi Saqra

    Tel: 065007700

    Fax: 06 5007100


    P.O. Box 950661, Amman 11195, Jordan


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