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Debit Cards

Cairo Bank Debit Cards provides you with the luxurious flexibility of conducting seamless transactions at more than 24 million stores, locally and globally, with competitive interest rates, different payment methods, and customized spending limits.

You no longer have to lug around large amounts of cash, and for emergencies, you won't need to go hunting for an ATM; all you need to carry around is your credit card.

Standard MasterCard® Debit Card


Enjoy spending your money and access your account easily with our debit card

Using the ATM, POS, and when shopping and paying your bills online, enjoy flexibility and immediate access to spending to complement your daily needs inside and outside Jordan with a maximum withdrawal of 1500 JDs a day.
  Standard MasterCard® Debit Card
Standard MasterCard® Debit Card
First Release 13.05.2021
Annual Fees 10
Secure Online Shopping – 3D Secure service Yes
Contactless Payment service 20
Airport Lounge Access no
Daily Withdrawal Limit 2
Spending Limit 10
Murabaha Ratio/ Annual 10
0% Interest Installment Plan for a Specific List of Merchants Points 11
Points 5

Which credit card is the one for you?

We believe that you and your needs are unique, and you deserve a card that matches that uniqueness. Find out which credit card suits your lifestyle best! 

Make your card more like you!

CAB believes your card should look and feel like you. Whether you like to create a tiny masterpiece or have a special photo, express yourself and customize your card!